3 easy ways to grow hair Longer

March 16,2024

beautiful hair

If you have black, thick and long hair, your beauty gets enhanced. Every girl wants her hair to be long, so let us tell you some ways today.

first way

Potato juice is very useful, it can also make your hair Longer. It contains zinc, niacin, vitamin B, which increases hair growth

how to use

Peel the potatoes and blend them well in a mixer, then filter it and extract the juice. Apply potato juice on the hair scalp and leave it for half an hour

get shampooed

After half an hour, wash hair with mild shampoo. You have to do this method twice a week. With this the hair will grow long quickly

second way

Aloe vera gel is beneficial for hair and skin. This can also make your hair grow longer.

how to make

Take out aloe vera water in a bowl and keep it. Then add 2 spoons of honey in it. The paste will be ready.

method of application

Now apply this paste thoroughly on hair and scalp. Wash hair with water after half an hour. Apply twice a week

third way

Applying egg to hair not only makes the hair long but also provides nourishment to them. Applying the yellow part of egg will help in hair growth.

how to make paste

Take out the egg yolk in a bowl, then add olive oil to it. Mix this paste well.

method of use

Apply this paste thoroughly on the hair and then wash the hair with shampoo for some time. This will make your hair long and shiny too.