3 step beetroot facial for rosy glow

glowing skin

Every woman wants glowing-spotless skin and adopts various methods to get a rosy glow.

home methods

Many women prefer home methods. If you are also one of them then you can do beetroot facial at home.


Beetroot is considered very good for the skin. It contains many properties including iron and vitamin C which are beneficial for the skin.

pink glow

You can easily do beetroot facial in 3 steps and get a rosy glow at home.

step 1

The first step of a facial is cleansing or scrubbing. For this, you can mix rice flour in beetroot juice and apply it.

Step 2

After scrubbing, apply beetroot face pack. For this, mix curd and gram flour in beetroot juice and apply it on the face. Clean it with water later.

Step 3

To moisturize the skin, make cream from beetroot. Mix aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules in beetroot juice and apply


This news is based on general information. Do a patch test before applying on the face and if you are allergic to any of these things, then definitely consult an expert.

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