5 Benefits Of Rubbing Ice On Face

October 14,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

A well-known home cure for glowing skin is to rub ice on your face. But do you know what else it can do? Read on to learn all the benefits of rubbing ice on your face.

Boosts Natural Glow

Icing your face helps to soothe blood vessels and reduce signs of fatigue from your face. Also, it enhances your complexion and blood circulation.

Cures Sunburn

Ice cubes can be used to soothe sunburns and itching. Ice's cooling properties soothe sunburn-related inflammation and irritation.

Slows Down Ageing

Since rubbing ice on the face increases blood flow and tightens your skin pores, it can delay or slow down the signs of agieng such as fine line and wrinkles.

Reduces Dark Circles

Icing your face not only soothes sunburn, but also reduces the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Moreover, it might lessen puffiness caused by dark circles.

Soothes Acne

Ice's anti-inflammatory effects aid in the treatment and reduction of acne. Moreover, it relieves the bumps and swelling caused by acne.