5 High Protein Snacks For Quick Weight Loss

October 13,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

Why not eat something healthy if you can't stop snacking? Take a look at these 5 high-protein snacks. They can boost your metabolism and help you feel fuller for longer.

Boiled Eggs

Eggs are one of the richest sources of protein. Not only can they keep you full, but they also speed up your metabolism and burn calories..

Fruit Salad

Try fruit salad to soothe your hunger pangs. Fruits can aid in weight loss and make a healthy snack because they are loaded with vital nutrients.

Roasted Chickpeas

Eat roasted chickpeas if you're searching for something quick, tasty and nutritious. They are savory and crispy, and one cup has 39 grams of protein.


Dry fruits such as almonds are another protein rich snack. They are an excellent source of protein and can help you support weight loss.

Chia Seeds Pudding

Chia seeds are high in protein and fiber, both of which have been shown to help people lose weight. Make them tastier to consume by making a chia seeds pudding.