5 mistakes while washing face

October 06,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

According to Dr. upasana nagpal, Aesthetic Physician, there are several mistakes one makes during their face wash regime. She stated some malpractices and adviced what to do instead..

Applying face wash on dry skin: Always damp your face completely before applying face wash. This will make sure that the face wash spreads properly and evenly and not get concentrated only on the place you applied at first.

Using too much or too little quanttity: A dime sized amount is enough. You don't need too much of face wash. It may dry your skin out which is not required, besides it turns out heavy on the pocket.

Washing it off too quick: If you have oily skin and using a salicylic acid based face wash, you have to give two minutes atleast for the active ingredients to work..

Rubbing harshly with towel: Use a soft towel and only dab the excess water off. No need to rub the skin. Let the skin be a little damp to prepare it to revive the moisturiser you will apply next.

Not applying a moisturiser immediately: Moisturising after washing a face is an important part. You want the skin to be damp so that moisture can be sealed inside.