5 signs you are at risk of mental health issues

Persistent Mood Swings

Frequent and extreme shifts in mood may indicate an underlying mental health concern. Pay attention to prolonged periods of irritability, sadness, or heightened anxiety.

Poor Sleep Cycle

Sleep disruptions, whether excessive sleep or insomnia, may signal mental health challenges. Insomnia, in particular, can contribute to a cycle of increased stress and decreased ability to cope.

Changes In Appetite

Significant changes in eating habits, such as sudden weight loss or gain, may be associated with mental health challenges. Conditions such as depression or anxiety can impact appetite and eating patterns.

Social Withdrawal.

Isolating oneself from friends, family, or social activities could be a sign of potential mental health issues. You may also notice a lack of interest in once- enjoyable activities.

Substance Abuse

Increased substance use, like alcohol or drugs, as a means of coping may indicate an underlying mental health issue. In fact, substance use can also exacerbate mental health problems.