5 Signs Your Weight-Loss Plan Isn't Working

October 12,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

You are exercising. You're not eating a lot but you are either still gaining weight or losing too much. Here are 5 signs that indicate that your weight-loss plan isn't the best for you.

You Are Hungry All The Time

The right diet should constitute the right nutrients that make you feel satiated. If you are feeling hungry, it means you are not eating right. Your weight-loss diet should include protein and fibre that makes you feel full longer.

You Feel Exhausted

Have you been feeling exhausted during a workout? Extreme exhaustion and feeling lightheaded are two signs that indicate your weight-loss plan isn't working.

You're Losing Weight Too Fast

While rapid weight-loss might feel like a great idea, it is not! Fad diets may give you rapid results but it will not be sustainable. An extreme change in your diet can prove dangerous.

You're Eating Too Often

Eating healthy is all about eating the right foods that make you feel sufficient. If you end up eating too frequently, you should understand that there's something wrong.

You Can't Do Without A Cheat Day

When you restrict yourself from eating everything, you tend to feel out of control which can damage your relationship with food. Cheating is a red flag, whether it's life or your diet!