5 Things You Should NEVER Put On Your Face

October 14,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal


Some people may apply alcohol on their face. But it is not safe for your skin in any way. If you apply it on your skin, it can make your skin red, dry, flaky, and itchy.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is highly acidic in nature. It may cause dryness, redness and peeling on your skin. If your skin is sensitive, the adverse effect could be more severe.


Many people believe that treating acne with toothpaste is effective. However, it can be irritating and can worsen any hyperpigmentation post-acne.

Coconut Oil

Due to its high comedogenicity, coconut oil can clog your pores and make blackheads, whiteheads, and acne appear more prominently.


Believe it or not, some women use school glue as a facial mask to remove blackheads. But ladies, glue can be toxic to your skin and make it red and itchy.