Alum is a panacea for hair, use it like this


In ancient times, alum has been used to get rid of hair problems


Use of alum can be beneficial for dandruff, lice and hair growth.

How to use

Let us tell you how you can use alum to remove hair related problems

for dandruff

The problem of dandruff in hair becomes more common during summer.

with shampoo

In such a situation, mix a pinch of alum well in shampoo and wash your hair. Gradually the problem of dandruff will go away.


In summer, the problem of lice occurs due to sweat, stickiness of hair and bad smell in the head.

use it like this

In such a situation, mix alum powder, oil and water and apply it on your hair while massaging it. Then wash your hair. You will get relief from the problem of lice.

blacken hair

Alum removes dead cells from the scalp, which helps in hair growth. Besides, it is also helpful in blackening the hair.

Rose water

For hair growth and blackening of hair, mix a little alum powder in rose water and apply it on hair. Results will be visible gradually.


Do a patch test before using. If you are allergic to any of these things, avoid using them.

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