Applying too much multani mitti can cause these disadvantages

multani mitti

Multani mitti is used extensively in these cooling things. Most people apply it only in summer

gives coolness

Multani mitti cools the skin, is effective on pimples and is also good for those with oily skin.


But do you know that Multani Mitti should not be applied too much, instead of being beneficial, it can also cause disadvantages. Know about them here-

dry skin

People with dry skin should not apply too much multani mitti. This makes the skin even more dry which can lead to other skin related problems.

Cold and cough

If someone gets cold and cough easily then he should reduce the use of Multani Mitti because it has a cooling effect.


If you are applying multani mitti, do not leave it for too long, clean it soon. This can also cause wrinkles.

sensitive skin

Most beauty products do not suit people with sensitive skin. In such a situation, avoid applying multani mitti, sometimes rashes occur.


This news is based on general information. To pamper your skin properly, first consult an expert.

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