Cardio exercises you can do at home to reduce belly fat

December 08,2023

1.Jumping Jacks:

Stand with feet together, arms at your sides. Jump feet apart while raising arms overhead. Return to start by jumping feet together and lowering arms.

2.High Knees:

Stand in place, feet hip-width apart. Alternate lifting knees as high as possible while pumping arms.

3.Mountain Climbers:

Start in a plank position with hands under shoulders. Bring one knee toward chest, then switch to the other knee.


Begin in a standing position. Drop into a squat, hands on the floor. Kick feet back into a plank. Quickly return to squat, then jump up.

5.Running in Place:

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Lift knees toward chest alternately while moving arms.

6.Jump Rope:

Use a jump rope if available. Jump rope continuously for a set period, increasing intensity.


Play music and dance energetically to raise heart rate.

8.Stair Climbing:

Use a staircase for up and down climbs, increasing intensity over time.

9.Boxing or Shadowboxing:

Throw punches, jabs, and hooks in the air.


Cycle on a stationary bike or indoor trainer for a cardio workout.

11.HIIT Workouts:

Perform high-intensity intervals of exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, or sprints, followed by short rest periods.