Cucumber face toner will give you freshness and coolness

summer skin care

In summer, due to the scorching sun, along with tanning, many other skin problems also occur due to which the skin looks lifeless. In such a situation, the skin needs proper care.

use cucumber

People adopt various methods to hydrate the skin and maintain the complexion. You can also use cucumber.


Cucumber fulfills the lack of water in the body and is also very good for the skin. There are many beauty products containing cucumber or its juice.

important things

You can make face toner from cucumber at home. This will provide both freshness and coolness to the skin. For this, apart from cucumber, aloe vera gel, green tea and rosehip are required.

do it like this

First of all, cut the cucumber into pieces along with the peel and grind it to make a fine paste.

Step 2

Now filter this paste and add aloe vera gel, green tea and rose water to it and mix well.

apply daily

Your face toner is ready. Store it in a spray bottle and apply it at least 3-4 times a day. The skin will remain fresh and glowing.


Although the side effects of home remedies are negligible, but if your skin is sensitive then first consult an expert.

Apply potato face mask like this once a week, your face will glow.