Diabetes-friendly Indian Sweets for Diwali

November 10,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

Apple Rabdi

Give the conventional rabdi recipe a healthy twist with this recipe. Make it using jaggery or a healthy sugar substitute, and some low-fat milk to prepare this dessert.

Coconut Barfi

Use some roasted coconut, and skimmed milk. Add some oil to it and add jaggery to add some sweetness to it. Enjoy healthy coconut barfis.

Quinoa Phirni

Give the good old sweet a twist with quinoa. Cook it until the colour changes and cook it for some time Add skimmed milk, cardamom powder, saffron, and dates. Mix all of them well.

Oats Kheer

Boil some milk for 5 minutes, and add oats and dates to add some sweetness. Mix well and let it cook. You have a healthy yet tasty Kheer ready in no time.

Sweet Potato Kheer

Cook sweet potatoes in coconut oil. Add coconut milk powder, sea salt, and honey. Mix it well and let it cook. Enjoy after few minutes.