Disadvantages of frequent facials


People get facials done to bring glow on the face and to remove tanning.

interval facial

Many people get facials done at a certain interval, but some people get facials done frequently. ,


Excessive and frequent facials can cause damage to your skin. Know the disadvantages of getting too many facials.

chemical product

Chemicals are used in facial products. These chemicals can cause skin diseases and cancer.

skin irritation

Getting too many facials can cause skin irritation. There may be redness in the skin.


By getting a facial, the pores open, but if the skin is not taken care of, then the open pores get filled with dirt, which can lead to the problem of pimples and acne.

facial glow

Repeated facials can cause the face to lose its natural glow.

loose skin

Frequent facials can cause looseness in the facial skin.


This information is based on general information. For any specific information, consult a beauty expert.

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