Follow this night skin care routine for glowing skin

March 30,2024


The summer season has started. The effect of rising temperatures in summer is visible on the skin.

sun tanning

The problems of sun tanning, pimples etc. increase in the summer season.

Night Care Routine

By following a daily night care routine, you can keep your skin healthy in summer. Know the night care routine.

lukewarm water

Before sleeping, wash the face with lukewarm water and mild cleanser.

micellar water

You can use micellar water to remove makeup.


If you have oily skin then definitely use toner at night. It helps in unclogging your pores.

face mask

If you want, you can apply face mask at night. Choose the right face mask according to your skin type.


The last step of the night skin care routine is to apply moisturizer. Apply it thoroughly on face and neck.

Turmeric will brighten your face, use it like this