Glass Skin: Mix these 2 things in rice water

glass skin

New trends keep coming in the skin care and beauty world every day, glass skin has been trending for a long time.

rice water

There are many products available to get glass skin but rice water is the most used for this.

At home

Rice water is being used in many beauty products. In such a situation, you can also get glass skin at home with rice water.


Rich in nutrients, rice water is very good for the skin and is also effective in making it glow.

mix these things

By mixing these two things (aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsule) in rice water, you can get glass skin at home.

make like this

First of all, mix Vitamin E capsule in aloe vera gel. Now add rice water to it and mix it well.

apply on face

When it starts looking like a cream, store it in a box and apply this cream on the face at least twice daily.


Do a patch test before applying it on your face and if you are allergic to any of these things or have sensitive skin, then definitely consult an expert.

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