Glow on face in 2 minutes, know skin refreshing tips


Many times the glow and freshness of the face is lost due to going out in the sun and being busy working all day.

withered face

Especially in the summer season, the face starts looking withered due to dust, dirt and sunlight.

Refreshing Tips

Let us tell you today some tips to make your withered face feel refreshed.

Rose water

Spray rose water on the face and then clean the face with a tissue. The face will look happy.


By rubbing ice, the pores of the face open and the dirt accumulated on the face gets cleaned, due to which the skin starts looking clean.

tea bag

After making tea, keep the teabag in the refrigerator, then soak the cold teabag in water and rub it on the face.


Massage your face with milk kept in the refrigerator. This will clean the dust particles from the face. The face will look happy.


It is important to get adequate sleep daily for facial glow. Also drink adequate amount of water.

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