Hair fall after delivery, how to stop it

March 15,2024

hair fall after delivery

After baby delivery, most women have the problem of hair fall. At this time the head becomes weak, due to which this problem starts occurring.

How to stop hair fall

Hair fall occurs so much that baldness occurs. If you are also troubled by this problem then let us tell you the way to stop it

shampoo up

After delivery, women do not get time and in such a situation dirt also gets accumulated in the hair. First of all, clean the hair thoroughly.

hair mask

Use hair mask to strengthen hair. This will nourish the scalp and stop hair fall.


Don't forget to conditioner your hair after shampooing. This will keep your hair silky.


Comb and detangle your hair every day. If the hair is tangled then it will break. Apart from this, do not tie the rubber band too tightly.


Apply oil to hair every other day. If you keep your hair dry, it will break further. You can massage your hair by applying oil

no heating tools

As long as you are experiencing hairfall, minimize the use of heating tools. This will weaken the scalp and cause hair fall.

egg mask

If you want to use homemade hair mask, dissolve egg yolk. Apply this paste on hair. This will provide protein to the hair.


Amla is also good for hair. You can soak Amla and apply it on hair. Apart from this, drinking its juice will also be beneficial.