Hair falls due to these 6 mistakes

March 09,2024

summer season

In the summer season, one has to take special care of hair and skin. In this season everything starts becoming dry and lifeless.

Hair care is important

Summer season has arrived, so it is important that you start taking care of your hair. This will stop unnecessary hair fall and breakage.

hair fall

Hair fall starts in summer due to dust, soil and sunlight. Due to some of our mistakes it keeps increasing.

What are these mistakes

Hair fall may be due to some carelessness on your part. Let us tell you what are these mistakes and how to avoid them?


Hair starts becoming sticky due to dust and soil. If you have oily hair then it gets dirty quickly. In such a situation, you should wash hair every two days.


Tying hair tightly also causes it to start breaking. In summer, women often tie a tight pony or bun.


In the summer season, due to sweat, bacteria start forming in the scalp, which causes dandruff. This also causes hair fall


Even if the scalp is not cleaned in summer, hair fall starts. For this you apply hair pack


To bring shine to hair, everyone uses conditioner after shampoo. Using too much conditioner also causes hair fall


If you are working, then when you go out, direct sunlight falls on your hair, due to which the hair becomes weak and starts falling Go out wearing a scarf