Hair smells bad in summer, so make this hair perfume at home

bad smell from hair

In the summer season, hair sweats a lot and then it smells bad. Many times people get troubled by this smell and start shampooing daily.

how to get rid

If you have to go somewhere in a hurry and don't have time to shampoo. So you can use hair perfume to remove the smell of hair.

make at home

Hair perfume can be easily made at home. You will just need some ingredients to make it.

what things are needed

Essential oil of your choice, a few drops of rose water, 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel. 

method of making

Mix all three things well in a bowl. Leave it for a while. Then fill it in a spray bottle and keep it.

essential oil perfume

Your essential oil perfume will be ready in just minutes. Sprinkle it in your hair before going to a party or going out.

rose water perfume

To make rose water perfume, you need rose water, drops of jasmine oil, drops of orange oil.

how to make

Mix all three things well. Then fill it in a spray bottle and keep it in a cool place.

method of application

Whenever you apply this perfume, shake it well before applying it. This will also work as a hair serum.

hair care

During the summer season, oil your hair after shampooing and conditioning it. This will not cause bad smell in the hair.

how often to wash

Wash hair two to three times a week in the summer season. This will not make your hair sticky.

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