Holi 2024: Keep your feet soft, colors and gulal will protect your feet.

March 21,2024


People take great care of the face, but ignore the feet, due to which sometimes the skin of the feet becomes dry and the heels get cracked.

Torn heels

Holi festival is about to come. If Holi colors get applied to dry and cracked heels, it can cause problems.

dry skin

Let us tell you how to soften the dry skin of your feet before Holi. 

paraffin wax

Paraffin wax can be applied to ankles and feet. This makes the skin soft.

moisture to feet

Apply moisturizer to your feet two to three times a day. This will provide moisture to the dry skin of the feet and cracked heels.

coconut oil

To remove dryness, you can massage your feet with coconut oil. You can also use aloe vera gel or petroleum jelly.

Rose water

Mix four caps of glycerine in two caps of rose water. Apply this mixture on your feet before sleeping at night.

feet soft

After this, wear socks and sleep. After waking up in the morning, wash your feet with lukewarm water. This will make your feet soft.

remedies for holi

Before playing with Rang Gulal on the day of Holi, apply coconut oil or glycerine on your feet. This will make it easier to remove the color from the feet later.