Home remedies to remove Holi color from hands

March 19,2024


The festival of Rang Gulal is about to come. This year Holi will be celebrated on 25th March.

color in hands

Hands suffer the most while playing with colors on Holi. So much color gets applied on the hands that it does not come off properly.

home made remedies

Let us tell you some home remedies to remove Holi colors from your hands.

coconut oil

Before playing with colors on Holi, apply coconut oil on your hands.


This will prevent the color from getting on your hands. And later the color will also come off easily.


Instead of coconut oil, you can also apply any moisturizer or ghee.

Gram flour

After playing with colors, apply a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and curd on your hands and scrub them for 10 minutes. Color may come off from hands.

rough hands

The skin of hands becomes dry due to colors. In such a situation, you can massage your hands by mixing rose water in aloe vera gel. Hands will be moisturized.

honey and coffee

After playing with colors, dip your hands in salt water for some time to remove roughness of your hands. Then scrub your hands with a mixture of honey and coffee powder.