How can you lose weight without exercising/dieting

extremely difficult task

If you do not know about the correct methods of weight loss, then losing weight can be a very difficult task for you.

It is important to consume protein

Be sure to include protein rich food items like pulses and green vegetables in your diet. This can help you in losing weight.

Consume fiber rich foods

To lose weight, you should consume fiber rich food items like beans and oats.

Know the reason behind this

Consuming protein and fiber rich foods keeps your stomach full for a long time.

eat slowly

You should eat food by chewing it slowly. This can improve your digestion to a great extent.

There should be a difference between eating and sleeping

Sleep at least 2-3 hours after dinner otherwise your weight will increase instead of decreasing.

thing to note

You can control your weight by drinking the right amount of water according to your body.

Reduce fat consumption

Exclude fatty food items from your diet. With this your increasing weight will gradually start reducing.

Stay away from sugary drinks

For weight loss, you should stay away from sugary drinks. Follow these tips regularly and see positive effects.

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