How many minutes of walking daily will reduce weight


At present, most of the people are troubled by the problem of obesity.

trying to lose weight

They constantly try to lose weight. But due to some reasons their weight loss is not possible.


Along with diet control, a simple way to lose weight is to walk daily.

Helpful in weight loss

If you take out time every day and walk in the morning, your weight can be reduced.

How many steps should we walk daily

The question arises that walking how many steps daily can lead to weight loss. So let's know about this.

60 minutes

According to health experts, if you walk for 60 minutes every day at a speed of 6.5 kilometers per hour, your weight can reduce rapidly.

Even 45 minutes is beneficial

Health experts also believe that if a 45-minute walk is done daily in the morning at a speed of 6.5 kilometers per hour, it can lead to weight loss.

10 thousand steps

If you take 10 thousand steps or walk at a brisk pace for an hour every day, you can see positive changes in your body within a month.

Effect will be visible in two months

By walking for 1 hour daily, you will see your weight reducing within 2 months and your body will feel light.

Adopt these habits in the morning to lose weight fast