How often should you apply conditioner to your hair

hair conditioner

Women use hair conditioner to make hair silky and shiny. Conditioner is applied after shampoo.

Benefits of conditioner

Applying conditioner keeps the hair silky and manageable. Conditioner also strengthens the hair.

what is the harm

While conditioner has its advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Applying too much conditioner to hair can trigger hair fall. Let us tell you how often you should apply conditioner.

for thin hair

If your hair is thin then use hair conditioner sparingly. Thin hair gets tangled quickly and then starts breaking.

hair is thick

If your hair is thick then you can apply conditioner every two days. Thick hair loses moisture quickly and then starts getting tangled.

how much quantity to apply

Take a coin-sized amount of hair conditioner on your palm and then apply it on your hair. Leave the hair for two minutes, then wash with water.

method of application

Never apply hair conditioner on the scalp. This may cause dandruff. Apply conditioner like a hair mask on the tips and middle of the hair.

over conditioning

If you are using too much conditioner, your hair will start falling and your hair will start becoming sticky after a day of washing.

How to choose

It is not necessary that the conditioner should be of the same brand as the shampoo you are using. You can also apply conditioner of any other brand.

Combing is necessary

Within half an hour of shampooing and conditioning, detangle the hair with a large-toothed comb. Otherwise the hair will get tangled and start breaking.

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