How some ingredients are not actually bad for your hair and skin

October 11,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

According to Dr. upasna nagpal Aesthetic Physician"There is a certain hype created against certain ingredients to sell products which do not have them. We must understand the truth and science behind these claims. Do not fall for these marketing gimmicks."

Chemical UV filters in sunscreens are not harmful.

They make the sunscreen more commercially elegant. They do not get white caste and do not feel heavy in the skin like zinc oxide or titamium dioxoide.

Silicones gives hair strands smoothness and shine. They form a coating on hair strands and helps in temporarily sealing broken cuticles.

They also reduce frizziness by reducing negative charge of hair strands

Parabens have been used in sunscreens for a long time now. More the ingredient is used in skin care, more are the chances of seeing the side effects of it.

A little bit of fragrance here and there is okay. You don't have to dismiss the product solely because of the fragrance. You may or may not like it for the particular fragrance. but all of them are not allergic.

Alcohol are of many types. There are alcohols which are actually moisturising and hydrating on the skin. So do not fear the presence of alcohol in the skin care.