How to protect nails from strong colors of Holi

March 19,2024

color on nails

No one can stop themselves from playing Holi, but when this color gets applied on the nails, it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

What to do

If your nails also get colored, there is no need to worry. Just follow some tips, your nails will be safe.

nail remover

If light color is applied then it can be easily removed with nail remover. Abir-gulal or light solid color will be cleaned by this.


Dissolve lemon juice in water and dip your nails in it. This will also remove the color easily..

Apple vinegar

Prepare the solution by mixing lemon juice in apple cider vinegar. Apply this solution on the nails and leave it for 10 minutes. The color will become clear. Then apply coconut oil.

How to protect

Some methods can also be adopted to protect nails from Holi colors. This will not take much time.

Petroleum jelly

Before playing Holi, apply petroleum jelly on the nails. This will keep the nails moisturized and the color will not fade.

nail polish

You can also apply nail polish on the nails. Even with this, the colors of Holi will not stick on the nails. Men can apply transparent nail paint. Get rid of it later.

extension nails

Women can also apply old nail extensions on their nails. This will not put color on your real nails.