How to take care of hair with Holi colors

March 18,2024


Holi festival is about to come. On Holi, everyone applies color and gulal to each other. Many times color is applied to the cheeks as well as the hair.

itchy scalp

Coloring of hair often causes itching and infection in the scalp.

scalp care 

Let us tell you how to take care of hair and scalp with Holi colors.

hair wash

After playing Holi, hair should be washed with shampoo 2-3 times. This will remove the color from the scalp.

apply curd

After washing hair, mix lemon in curd and apply it on hair. This results in deep conditioning of the hair.

apply oil

If color gets applied to the hair and scalp, the hair can become dry. Therefore, after shampooing, you can apply oil to your hair.

Coconut water

Mix lemon juice and honey in coconut water and apply it on hair. This will make the hair soft and remain hydrated.

Rose water

Rose water works as a natural moisturizer. Mixing honey in rose water and applying it on hair can relieve scalp itching.