How to take care of long hair in summer in minutes

Long Hair

Every girl likes to have long hair but it also has to be taken care of a lot. Special care has to be taken of hair especially in summer.

how to care

If you have long hair then always follow some tips. This will keep your hair strong, shiny and long even in the summer season.


Make sure to oil your hair in summer. Applying oil on hair roots and scalp will provide internal strength to the hair. Apply oil twice a week.


Condition your hair with milk. Yes, wash your hair with milk and not with any conditioner. This will maintain shine in the hair.

Hot Towel Treatment

You can give hot towel treatment to your hair at home, this will nourish your hair. For this, mix honey in coconut oil and apply it on hair.

hair mask

Make a hair mask by mixing curd and gram flour, apply it once a week. This will clean the dirt accumulated in the hair and there will be no infection.

Night Hair Care

If your hair has lost its shine then mix rose water and lemon juice in aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture on hair before sleeping, wash hair in the morning.


To increase hair growth, get your hair trimmed once every two months. With this, hair will not become split and will grow quickly.

hair pack

You can apply Amla powder pack on hair. This will provide nourishment to the hair and also get rid of the problem of dandruff.


During the summer season, shampoo twice a week. This will keep the hair strong and dust and dirt will not accumulate.

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