How to massage your face for natural glow?

March 13,2024

glow on face

People try many things to bring glow on their face, but many times they do not get the desired results.

blood circulation

To bring face glow, it is necessary to have better blood circulation on the face.

how to massage

Massaging the face can improve blood circulation. Let us tell you today how to massage your face for glowing skin.


Before doing face massage, clean the face thoroughly with mild cleanser and lukewarm.

facial oil

Now apply some natural oil on the face. There will be no side effects on the face by using natural oil.

Cheek massage

Slowly move the knuckles from the cheeks near the nose bridge towards the ears. Do this on both cheeks at least 7-8 times.

Massage in mouth area

Place the index fingers of both hands on the upper lip and the middle fingers on the lower lip.

on the forehead

Starting from the edge of the forehead, massage the forehead in circular motions. Can massage with knuckles.

around the eyes

Massage around the eyes by moving your fingers. Massage gently from nose to the corner of the eye.