Make burgundy hair color at home, hair will also shine

white hair

Graying of hair is a very common and major problem. To hide them, people apply hair dye or color or henna.

hair damage

Most of the hair colors available in the market contain chemicals which cause harm and also reduce the natural shine of the hair.

make at home

In such a situation, you can make natural color at home. Its side effects are negligible and better results can also be obtained.

important things

To make brown hair color at home, you need beetroot juice, henna powder and amla juice.

make like this

First of all, take henna powder and mix amla juice in it. After mixing well, add beetroot juice and keep it for some time.

put in hair

If the paste seems thick, you can add normal water or tea leaf water to it. Now apply it thoroughly on hair with the help of brush or hands.


Leave it on the hair for some time and shampoo after it dries. Your hair will become light burgundy color and will also shine.


This news is based on general information, but if your scalp is skin sensitive or you are taking any hair treatment, then first consult an expert.

To remove tanning, apply this thing mixed with curd.