October 07,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

According to Dr upasna nagpal Aesthetic Physician, there are a few makeup hacks that do not go well with your skin.

Using lip liners on eye waterline: Lip liners have longer lasting pigment which can irritate the eyes.

Limit your use of Kajal if you have dark circles where skin is hyper pigmented.

Using lipstick as a blush: Do not use dark coloured lipstick or liquid matte lipsticks as a blush.

It also requires rubbing which is not recommended. Use a powder blush instead or a light coloured cream blush which is easy to blend.

Soap on brows: Soap bores are a popular trend to make hair strokes prominent and to set the brows in place. This may cause fall of brows, albeit temporary, it is best to avoid this hack.