Mint leaves for clear skin


Both the aroma and taste of mint are wonderful. Be it chutney or shikanji or mango panna, mint leaves double their taste.

for skin

But very few people know that mint leaves not only enhance taste but are also very good for the skin.


Mint gives a feeling of freshness and coolness and also gives many benefits to the skin. It is also used in many beauty products.


Salicylic acid, vitamin A and anti-bacterial properties are found in mint which can provide relief from pimples.

other benefits

Apart from this, mint leaves can also help in reducing dark circles, blackheads and fine lines. You can make face packs with it and apply it.

with cucumber

Crush mint leaves and mix cucumber juice in it and apply it on the face. Both of these will provide coolness to the skin which will make it look glowing.

multani mitti

Most people apply multani mitti in summer. You can crush mint leaves and apply it in multani mitti. You will get relief from pimples and your skin will also glow.


Grind mint leaves and make a thick paste by adding honey and rose water to this paste. Now apply it on the face and after it dries, clean it with water.


If your skin is sensitive or allergic to anything, then do a patch test first or consult an expert.

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