Quick Oat Recipes For Weight Loss

October 10,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

If you are trying to lose weight, oatmeal should be on your list of weight-loss recipes. Here are some recipes if you don't know how to include oats in your diet.

Overnight Oats

Throw some mixed rolled oats, milk, yogurt, fruits and nuts, or refrigerate overnight. It will taste delicious and keep you satiated, hence reducing cravings.

Oats Pancake

Blend rolled oats and bananas in a blender. Add almond milk, chia seeds, some baking soda, and nut powder. Make a thick paste. Pour the batter on a tawa and let it cook.

Oats Dosa

Made with ground rolled oats, spices and herbs, oats dosa is a healthy and nutritious blend that can be a part of your breakfast or light dinner.

Oats Khichdi

An easy one pot delicious meal of some of the healthiest ingredients - oats, vegetables, spices and herbs. Oats khichdi should be your go-to recipe if you're looking for protein-packed and comforting food.

Oats Raisin Cookies

These soft and chewy cookies are the ones you should choose when you crave something sweet on your weight loss diet. Made with the goodness of raisins and oats, it will definitely become your favourite.