Remove dark spots on face naturally 

Beautiful skin

Who does not like clean and beautiful skin, but dark spots or blemishes on the face spoil the beauty.

dark spots

From various beauty products to expensive treatments, people do many things to get relief from these.

natural way

you are also troubled by the problem of dark spots, then you can definitely adopt home remedies. Here we are telling you a simple method.

important things

To make this face pack, you will need aloe vera gel, honey, turmeric coconut oil, wheat flour and raw milk.

make like this

First of all, mix aloe vera gel, turmeric, coconut oil and honey well in a bowl. Now add flour and milk to it.

apply on face

Your face pack is ready. Now apply a thick layer of it on the face and massage after it dries slightly.

In a few days

Now clean the face with normal water and apply cream. You can apply it once a week, the difference will be visible in a few days.


Although the side effects of home remedies are negligible, but if your skin is sensitive then first consult an expert.

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