Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

October 05,2023

By Dr. Upasna Nagpal

Drink An Adequate Amount Of Water

The first step to hydrating your skin is hydrating your body. So, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Use Hydrating Skincare Products

Choose products containing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, urea and ammonium lactate to preserve skin hydration.

Avoid Very Hot And Long Showers

Avoid bathing for long hours as it can eradicate your skin's barrier. Using lukewarm water while bathing is ideal..

Pamper Yourself With Face Masks/Sheets

Try including a hydrating face mask to your daily skincare regimen to keep your skin plump and moist.

Use A Humidifier

A humidifier can be used when the moisture content in the air around you is low. This can be especially helpful during dry winter months

A Sunscreen Is A Must

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent UVA and UVB skin damage every time you step out in the day.

Eat Foods Rich In Water

Eat citrus-based fruits like oranges and lemons as they are rich in Vitamin C, which is vital to maintain your skin's texture.

Reduce Intake Of Caffeine

Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake to two cups of coffee and one glass of wine to minimize their impact on your skin.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your skin is important to get your skin rid of dry patches, dead cells, etc. Make sure to exfoliate once in 4-5 days.

Moisturize Daily

Honey and milk are great natural moisturizers, hence you can add them in your skincare routine.