Sudden weight gain indicates these diseases

don't ignore

Weight gain can be a sign of some serious diseases. You should not ignore your increasing weight.


Weight gain or obesity can also increase the risk of serious diseases like type 2 diabetes to a great extent.

Opinion of health experts

According to health experts, apart from diabetes, increasing weight can also indicate stroke and kidney related diseases.

high blood pressure

People suffering from obesity may have to suffer from the problem of high blood pressure i.e. hypertension.


People suffering from hyperthyroidism or thyroid problem suddenly start gaining weight.

get thyroid test done

If your weight is not coming off then you should You should get your thyroid test done with caution.

heart disease

Increasing weight can increase the risk of heart-related diseases. You may also fall prey to fatal diseases like heart failure or heart attack.


In osteoarthritis, people have to face pain and swelling in the joints. Weight gain can also be a sign of osteoarthritis.

control weight

you want to avoid becoming a victim of these deadly diseases, then you should control your weight. You can also take the help of yoga and gym to control weight.

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