The right way to apply lipstick on thin lips

lipstick should be perfect

Every woman wants to look the most beautiful in makeup look. Makeup is complete only when lipstick is applied properly.

thin lips

Lipstick looks good even on thin lips but does not make them stand out. In such situations, women often get disappointed.

lip liner

Make a shape by making a light line on the upper lips with lip liner. Lipstick is to be applied in this shape.

apply lipstick

Then apply liquid or matte lipstick gently on the shape. With this your thin lips will also appear plump.

lip highlighter

Highlighter can also be used to highlight lipstick applied lips. After applying lipstick, apply highlighter on the lips.


If your lips are very thin then apply lipstick by creating a bulge while applying contouring. This will make your lips look good.

lip gloss

you are in a hurry, you can achieve lipstick look with the help of lip gloss also. This will also make the lips appear prominent.

Do not choose dark shade

Women with thin lips should always apply light or nude shade of lipstick. Dark shades will spoil your look.

long lasting

If you want to make lipstick long lasting, then first apply light foundation on the lips. Then apply lipstick.

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