These 10 nail art designs will enhance the beauty of feet

March 09,2024

glitter design

The combination of white nail polish with gold glitter nail paint is great. This nail art will look good on feet.

Half Glitter Nail Art

First apply red color nail polish on the nails and then apply glitter on top. This way the nail art will be set.

leaf design

You can make a leaf design with white color by applying maroon color nail paint. This nail art will not be very difficult.

geometric design

In nail art, you can also make geometric designs by using different types of nail polish.

stone design

You can also apply stone design by applying nail polish. In this design, make a line above with white nail paint.

lining design

Apply black color nail paint and line it with silver color. This nail art is the most simple and beautiful.

simple design

Apply dark colored nail paint and line the tip with a light color. This nail art design can be made easily.

heart design

You can also make heart shape design in nail art. To make this, take three colored nail polishes and make a heart in red colour..

multicolored design

The most common design in nail art is multicolored. To apply this you just need to have colorful nail paints.

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