This one thing will control dandruff, the method is easy

home methods

In such situations, sometimes home methods work. Here we are telling you an easy and effective method which you can also adopt.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and get relief from dandruff to a great extent. It is also easy to use.


ACV benefits hair in many ways. It has anti-microbial properties which destroy bacteria and does not cause dandruff. It is also effective for hair growth.

How to use

ACV can be used in many ways. Keep in mind, do not apply it directly on the hair, definitely mix water in it.

the easiest

Mix ACV with water and massage with it, then shampoo. Apart from this, it can also be used as a rinse. After shampoo-conditioner, wash hair with this mixture.

Aloe vera gel

Mix water and aloe vera gel with ACV and apply and massage thoroughly. Shampoo after some time.


If you are allergic to any of these things or are taking any hair treatment, then definitely consult an expert before using it.

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