Tips to reduce hand wrinkles


As we age, wrinkles start appearing on the skin.

symptoms of aging

But nowadays due to pollution and bad lifestyle. Signs of aging start appearing earlier.

wrinkles on hands

Wrinkles not only appear on the face, but also start appearing in the hands. Let us tell you today ways to remove wrinkles from hands.


Mix honey and aloe vera gel and apply it on hands while massaging. Skin will become soft, wrinkles will disappear.


Add a teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water, then dip your hands in it for 10 minutes.

coconut oil

After this, wipe your hands with a towel and massage with coconut oil. By doing this daily you will see results.


Mix rose water in milk and apply it on hands while massaging for 10 minutes. Doing this daily will reduce wrinkles on hands.

Lemon juice

Mix lemon juice in coconut water and massage your hands. Doing this for a few consecutive days can reduce wrinkles.


Many times, wrinkles start appearing in the hands due to dead skin. For this, mix gram flour and honey in curd and scrub your hands. Dead skin will be removed.

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