Yoga connects youwith a supportivecommunity.

Yoga classes can help easeloneliness and provide a supportivegroup environment. One-on-onesessions can also reduce lonelinessand create personalized plans.

Yoga improvesflexibility

Yoga improves flexibility and offers various styles of intensity. It is particularly beneficial for seniors aged 65 and older.

Yoga promotes better self-care.

Yoga encourages mindfulness andself-awareness, helping individuals tobecome more attuned to theirphysical and emotional needs.

Yoga helps with stressrelief

Many people do yoga to relievestress, and studies show that yoga,especially asana, can effectivelyreduce stress levels.

Yoga improves mentalhealth

Yoga is considered an effectivealternative treatment for majordepressive disorder (MDD), accordingto a 2017 meta-analysis of 23interventions.

Yoga may reduceinflammation

Yoga reduces biochemical markers ofinflammation in chronic conditions,according to a review of 15 researchstudies.

Yoga will likely increaseyour strength

Studies have shown that yoga can beeffective in building strength inspecific groups such as people withbreast cancer, older adults, andchildren.

Yoga may reduceanxiety

Yoga asana may be effective as analternative treatment for anxietydisorders. Yoga nidra has been shownto reduce symptoms of anxietyconclusively.

Yoga may improvequality of life

Yoga may improve quality of life inpeople with chronic pain, accordingto a 2019 meta-analysis. Quality of lifeis crucial for recovery and longevity.

Yoga may boostimmunity

Yoga may improve immune system functioning, which is essential for preventing illness. Studies have found a link between consistent yoga practice and better immunity.