Wearing lipstick daily can cause 5 major harm to the body

lipstick shades

Applying lipstick enhances the makeup look and also looks beautiful on the face. Lipstick comes in many colors.

containing chemicals

A chemical called phthalates and lead is found in lipstick, which is harmful for the body. This can cause many diseases.

what is the harm

If you also wear lipstick daily, then be cautious. Let us tell you about the 5 disadvantages caused by this.


Lipstick contains chemicals which produce toxins in the body. Excess of toxins can cause many diseases.


Lipstick can also cause allergies on the lips. There may be problems like rash and itching on the lips


According to research, women who apply lipstick often wear it. There is also a possibility of cancer due to this.


Lipstick can also cause kidney failure. Cadmium chemical present in lipstick can cause kidney problems.


Wearing lipstick daily can cause stomach related diseases and problems in conceiving.

What to do

Before buying lipstick, always keep in mind that it is chemical free. Use only good brand lipstick.

lip balm

Instead of applying lipstick daily, you can also apply lip balm. This will not harm the lips. Avoid wearing lipstick during pregnancy

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