You can drink this juice daily for healthy hair

hair problems

Almost every person is troubled by hair problems like hairfall, dandruff, gray hairs etc. and adopts various methods to get relief from them.

food and drink

For hair care, it is important that your diet is also proper and full of nutritious things. This is important for both hair and skin.

Spinach Juice

You can drink spinach juice daily for healthy, strong and beautiful hair. It is very good for hair.


Spinach contains many elements including vitamins (A, C, K), iron, folate and potassium which help in keeping hair strong.

make like this

For spinach juice, wash spinach leaves thoroughly and put them in the mixer. Cucumber and mint leaves can also be added to it.

drink daily

You can drink it by adding black salt and a little lemon juice to it for taste.


This will not only be good for health, but will also provide great benefits to the hair. Within a few days, hair will start looking stronger and shinier than before.


This news is based on general information. Before making changes in your diet and daily routine, definitely consult a skin expert.

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