Government certified courses


PG Diploma in Cosmetology course by Dr. Upasana is a comprehensive and hands-on program designed to equip students with a profound understanding of the latest advancements in cosmetic treatments and techniques. Dr. Upasana’s unparalleled guidance and mentorship ensure that students not only grasp theoretical concepts it also gain practical skills through real-world applications.
This course covers various types of topics, including skincare essentials, facial aesthetics, hair treatments, laser therapies, non-surgical procedures, and more. With Dr. Upasana’s guidance, students develop the proficiency to perform a range of cosmetic procedures with precision and finesse, all while prioritizing safety and ethical practices.
In a world where beauty and self-care are increasingly vital, Dr. Upasana’s PG Diploma in Cosmetology course stands as a beacon of education and empowerment. Through this program, individuals not only gain a prestigious qualification its become a part of a legacy that is dedicated to enhancing confidence, fostering creativity, and promoting holistic well-being.

Advance Permanent makeup certificate course

Dr. Upasana’s Advanced Permanent Makeup Certificate Course is a prestigious and comprehensive program designed to elevate your skills and expertise in the art of permanent makeup. With a reputation for excellence in the field, Dr. Upasana brings her years of experience and in-depth knowledge to guide students through intensive training that covers the latest techniques and advancements in permanent makeup.
Dr. Upasana’s in-depth modules delve into color theory, skin undertones, and client consultations, ensuring that graduates are equipped with a profound understanding of how to create customized, natural-looking enhancements for each individual.
Upon successful completion of the Advanced Permanent Makeup Certificate Course, students receive a prestigious certification that not only reflects their dedication to their craft but also opens doors to a world of new possibilities in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

Basic permanent makeup course

Dr. Upasana is delighted to offer an exceptional opportunity for individuals aspiring to master the art of Basic Permanent Makeup through her comprehensive course. With her extensive expertise and passion for aesthetics, Dr. Upasana brings a blend of skill, knowledge, and innovation to the realm of permanent makeup.
Dr. Upasana’s teaching approach is characterized by a perfect balance between theory and hands-on practice. Students will not only delve into the theoretical aspects of permanent makeup but will also have the privilege of honing their skills through practical sessions. These sessions are meticulously designed to foster creativity and precision, enabling students to master the art of crafting flawless eyebrows, defining lips, and enhancing eye features.
Upon completing the Basic Permanent Makeup course with Dr. Upasana, graduates will emerge as confident, skilled artists equipped with the ability to enhance natural beauty through the art of permanent makeup. Whether participants aspire to establish their clientele or seek to augment their existing skill set, this course is a definitive stepping stone towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the world of aesthetics.
Dr. Upasana’s commitment to her students extends beyond the classroom, offering ongoing support and guidance even after the course concludes. Join Dr. Upasana’s Basic Permanent Makeup course today and embark on a transformative journey toward mastering the art of enhancing beauty with precision and finesse.

Other certification two day training courses

  • Certification in Chemical peels
  • Certification in Advance MEDIFACIAL
  • Certification in advance Lasers
  • Certification in BB glow treatment
  • Certification in PLASMA LIFT (FIBROBLAST)
  • Eligibility: MBBS, MD, BDS, MDS, BPT, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS