Apply this thing mixed with fenugreek for thick hair.

hair fall

Nowadays hair fall has become very common and people also adopt home remedies to get rid of baldness.


Fenugreek is considered very good for hair. This reduces hair fall, breakage and makes hair thick.

what are the benefits

Fenugreek seeds also provide anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antifungal properties to the scalp. These help in hair growth.

Mix this and apply

Applying something mixed with fenugreek will make your hair thick and the problem of hair fall will also reduce. Let us know what this thing is.

nigella seeds

Nigella seeds present in the kitchen are rich in amino acids. Applying nigella seeds mixed with fenugreek on hair can stop hair fall.

hair serum

You can make natural hair serum with these things. Take fenugreek, nigella seeds and 4 cloves and fry them. Then grind these things well in a mixer.


Make water lukewarm and add this powder to it and mix it well

coconut oil

Then mix coconut oil in this solution and keep it in a bottle.

method of application 

Apply this hair serum on the roots of the hair and leave it. This will strengthen the hair and stop falling.

patch test

Fenugreek, nigella and cloves are beneficial for hair but before applying it, do a patch test.

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