What things should not be eaten when you have pimples

problem of pimples

Having acne has become very common these days. When pimples appear on the face, they look bad and have to be hidden with makeup.

home made remedies

To get rid of pimples, girls adopt many types of home remedies. These provide relief for some time but then they come back.

unhealthy foods

Some food items are also a major reason for pimples. Nowadays people like to eat fast food so much that they do not care about their skin and hair.

say bye to these things

If you are troubled by pimples again and again, then say goodbye to these food items today itself. Do not eat these things at all if you have acne.

Stop eating oily or refined foods completely. Foods fried outside are made of old oil, which causes acne.

If you eat too much chocolate, toffee or sugar, pimples will never leave you.

Dairy products like cheese, full cream milk, curd or ice cream can cause pimples if you eat too much. They contain casein, which increases hormones.

Eating high glycemic index foods like packaged foods or packaged breads also causes acne.

Eating foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids also causes pimples. Eat less things which contain natural oil.

If you get acne frequently then eat less protein powder or protein-rich foods.

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