Belly Fat: Do these 5 yoga asanas regularly to reduce belly fat

In this modern era everyone is aware of the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a complete package that aims to completely cleanse your body mentally, physically and spiritually. We cannot deny that how fresh and full of energy we feel if we start our day with yoga. Not only this, it also helps in reducing your belly fat.


Stand with your legs apart. Now, turn your right leg out, extend arms and lean over your right leg and slowly go down as far as you can while keeping your back straight and flat in the same position. Place your right palm on the ground and remain still for as long as possible. Repeat the same from the other side.


To do this asana, you will have to stand straight with your legs spread at a distance of at least 3-4 feet. Spread both hands while slightly bending your right knee. Now extend both hands towards the ceiling and, keeping your legs apart, bend backwards as much as your back can support. It also works on your thighs, stomach and hips area.

Boat pose

You need to lie on your back and get into a V-shaped position that looks like a boat. Now stay in that position for 10 seconds and gradually increase the time. You will feel your abdominal muscles flexing, but remember, only then can your stubborn belly fat go away.

Sun salutation

Surya Namaskar is a combination of twelve asanas which are connected and synchronized together in such a way that That it does complete stretching of the body. this currency Will give you strength, strengthen your back Because it goes deep as a yoga warm-up Is connected to breathing. Surya Namaskar every day It is really good to do at least 12 cycles.


This is a very effective asana for weight loss. It improves digestion, cures indigestion, gastrointestinal problems. To do this, lie down on the floor facing your face. And now extend your arms and legs in the opposite direction, away from your back, until only your pelvis and abdomen are touching the floor.

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