Benefits of applying turmeric water on face

turmeric water

Turmeric is considered beneficial for the skin. Turmeric water is also considered beneficial for the skin.


Let us tell you today what are the benefits of applying turmeric water on the face.

dark circle

Washing face with turmeric water daily can reduce dark circles under the eyes.

dry skin

If your skin is becoming dry, you can wash your face with turmeric water, the skin will be moisturized.

symptoms of aging

Turmeric water is helpful in reducing facial fine lines, wrinkles etc.


Anti-oxidants are present in turmeric water, which can reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation from the face, making the skin glow.

How to use

Add one spoon turmeric in one liter water and heat the water. Cool the water and wash your face with it.


Do a patch test before use. If you have any kind of allergy to turmeric then avoid using it.

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