Black gram face pack for glowing and youthful skin

glowing skin

People do everything to get flawless and glowing skin, they even use expensive beauty products and treatments, but sometimes only home remedies work.

black gram

Here we are telling you about black gram face pack which can give you young, glowing and healthy skin.


Many properties are found in black gram including vitamins (A, C, E), zinc, selenium and anti-oxidants which are good for the skin.

for skin

Along with improving skin tone, black gram can relieve irritation and also promote collagen production, which keeps the skin youthful.

things for face pack

In such a situation, you can use black gram face pack. Can definitely try. For this Steamed Black Gram, Curd and Honey Needed

make like this

First of all, take black gram in a bowl. Now add curd and honey in it and grind it coarsely, your face pack is ready.

apply on face

Now apply it on face and neck and clean it with water after some time. You will get better results.


Do a patch test before applying on the face and if you are allergic to any of these things or have sensitive skin, then definitely consult an expert.

You can drink this juice daily for healthy hair